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The HTX V-plow brings all the power and innovation of BOSS V-plows to your light-duty truck. With today's contractor and homeowner in mind, BOSS has engineered the HTX V-plow for today's lighter-duty and half-ton trucks by putting just the right amount of steel in exactly the right place for the best combination of strength and weight. The precisely crafted, ultra-efficient HTX V-plow is built to handle the biggest of jobs. Because when you need to RESTORE ORDER with your lighter-duty truck, BOSS is always there to BACK YOU UP.
  • Built for Half-Ton and Light-Duty Trucks with all the power and innovation of BOSS V-plows.
  • Full Moldboard Trip Design helps to prevent plow damage when an obstacle is encountered.
  • Enclosed Hydraulics protects against corrosion and hydraulic freeze-up.
  • SmartLight 3 uses 100% LED lights with an 8-10 year life expectancy and Ice Shield Technology to prevent snow and ice build-up.

SL3 L.E.D. with Ice Shield

SL3 L.E.D. with Ice Shield MORE INFO

SmartHitch 2

SmartHitch 2 MORE INFO

SmartTouch 2 Controller

SmartTouch 2 Controller MORE INFO


SmartShield MORE INFO

Enclosed Hydraulics

Enclosed Hydraulics MORE INFO

Reinforced Moldboard

Reinforced Moldboard MORE INFO

Snow Catcher

Snow Catcher MORE INFO

2-Year Limited Warranty

2-Year Limited Warranty MORE INFO
Specifications HTX-V Plow
Blade Width | Curb Guard Width* 90" (229 cm)
Plowing Width (Scoop) 74" (188 cm)
Plowing Width (V position) 81" (206 cm)
Blade Height 32" (81 cm) at end 25" (63 cm) at center
Blade Thickness 14-ga Steel
Cutting Edge ⅜" x 6" (1 cm x 15 cm)
Reinforcement Ribs 4 vertical, 2 diagonal
Plow Shoes Optional
Trip Springs 2
Lift Cylinder 1 ¾" x 1 ⅛ " x 10" (5 cm x 3 cm x 25 cm)
SmartLock® Cylinders 1 ¾" x 10" (5 cm x 25 cm)
Attachment System SmartHitch 2
Weight 490 lbs.
Lighting SL3 L.E.D. with Ice Shield Technology


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7'6" Steel HTX V

My chevy 1500 handles it well, Truck has no plow prep. I added a level kit and timbrens. Plow is Fast and absolutely no issues that I read from others not being able to put on or off! It just needs to set adjusted properly. As my coupler is at 16" in height with no issues what so ever. Boss has never let me down and I have owned them all but always came back to boss. Nice plow for my 1/2 ton or any truck for that matter! would never know its a 490 lb plow, it looks like its brothers.

Would you buy another BOSS: Yes

Don — Buffalo, New York