Product Number: SKS21195

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Product Details

Heavy-duty 14.25" diameter stainless steel spinner provides years of reliable operation and excellent spread pattern. The full stainless steel auger with heavy-duty material agitator breaks up clumps and maintains steady material flow for efficiency. The fork design allows for ease of operation in daylight or darkness. Includes hardware assembly.

Specifications QuickCube
Adjustable Deflector Standard
Capacity cubic yd .5 / cubic m .38
Cube & Cover Construction Gray HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene)
Cube Height 38 in. / 96.52 cm
Cube Weight (Empty) 100 lbs / 45 kg
Cube Width 46 in / 116.84 cm
Feed Mechanism Internal Auger With Material Saving Brush
Flow Control Block Standard - Adjustable
Fork Construction AR400 & High-Strength Steel
Hydraulic Coupler Type/Size Standard -10 JIC & ORB, Parker 387, ISO 18752-DC
Hydraulic Hose Type/Size -08 & -10 & ORB, Parker 387, ISO 18752-DC
Hydraulic Motor 3,010 in-lb Torque max, 600 rpm max
Spinner 14.25 in (36.2 cm) Diameter Stainless Steel
Spreader Construction High-Strength Steel
Spreading Width 2 ft - 40 ft (0.6 m - 12 m) Dry free-flowing material



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