8'-10' EXT

Product Number: STB19200

Available EXT PLOWS:

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Product Details

Quickly and easily expanding from 8 to 10 feet at the touch of a button, the BOSS EXT is equipped to clean up parking lots and wide open spaces. A true 10-foot width combined with pitched-forward wings lets the EXT take wide passes, carrying and moving more snow more efficiently. At 30 inches high with 9 vertical ribs, the EXT moves a high volume of snow with resilience, making it a versatile and flexible addition to your fleet. Another powerful tool in your plowing arsenal that's built to BACK YOU UP.
  • SL3 L.E.D. HEADLIGHTS - 100% L.E.D. system with nearly double the light output of standard halogen systems
  • SMARTSHIELD PAINT - Sets the standard for supreme quality, corrosion protection, and lasting durability.

Product Features

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SL3 L.E.D. With Ice Shield

SL3 L.E.D. With Ice Shield

SL3 headlight package, standard on every BOSS truck plow, shines brighter and farther than traditional halogen packages and is equipped with Ice Shield Technology. With best-in-class 100% LED lighting, integrated with Ice Shield Technology to prevent snow and ice build-up on the lens, these headlights use half the amperage of halogen systems and have an 8-10 year life expectancy. The SL3 headlights are also 40% smaller than SmartLight2 lights and yet much more powerful with the signature BOSS premium look you expect.

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Expandable Wings

Expandable Wings

Extend at the touch of a button from 8 feet to 10 feet quickly and efficiently.
Fixed Forward Wings

Fixed Forward Wings

Provide superior snow carrying and windrowing capabilities.
EXT Controller

EXT Controller

The EXT SmartTouch2 Controller offers the ability to control each wing independently.
RT3  Standard Undercarriage

RT3 Standard Undercarriage

For quick attachment and versatility to switch between any trucks in your fleet. (Note: Excludes Sport Duty/ HTX/ Heavy-Duty Plows).
Chainless Hydraulic Lift

Chainless Hydraulic Lift

The chainless hydraulic cylinder lifting system from BOSS uses a chainless, hydraulic lift system, which greatly reduces snowplow bounce and provides full float capabilities.
Enclosed Hydraulics

Enclosed Hydraulics

Delivers speed and reliability and is protected from the elements to prevent corrosion and hydraulic freeze-up.
Tube Supports

Tube Supports

Offer the wings strength and provide a guide for moving the wings in and out.
Standard Curb Guards

Standard Curb Guards

Protect the plow from damage, when plowing up against curbs.
EXT Plow Shoe Inserts

EXT Plow Shoe Inserts

Allow for easily accessible plow shoe installation. (Plow shoes optional)


Made to last the SmartShield paint system delivers superior corrosion protection and a long-lasting, high-gloss shine.

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Designed to be simple and easy to use. Flip, plug, click. The three-step attachment process makes it easy to switch between plows.
2 Year Limited Warranty

2 Year Limited Warranty

The BOSS 2-Year Limited Warranty protects against material defects for peace of mind.

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BOSS 500 HR Chrome Plated Cylinders

BOSS 500 HR Chrome Plated Cylinders

Made to last, our 500-hour rated chromium-plated angle cylinders replace other, less effective applications. Delivering advanced corrosion protection so you can continue Restoring Order for years to come.

Specifications 8'-10' EXT
Angle Cylinders 1.5 in. x 10 in. (4 cm x 25 cm)
Blade Height 30 in (76 cm)
Blade Material Steel
Blade Size 8 ft. - 10 ft.
Blade Thickness 11-ga Steel
Blade Width (Extended) 120 in. (305 cm)
Blade Width (Retracted) 96 in. (244 cm)
Cutting Edge 1/2 in x 6 in (1.3 cm x 15 cm) High Performance
Lift Cylinder 2" x 1 1/8 " x 10" (5 cm x 3 cm x 25 cm)
Lighting SL3 L.E.D. with Ice Shield Technology
Plow Shoes Optional
Plow Type Expandable Plow
Plowing Width at 30 deg Angle 83" (211 cm)
Reinforcement Ribs 9 Vertical
Shock Absorber 1
Trip Mechanism Full-Trip
Trip Springs 4
Truck Applications 3/4 & 1 Ton
Vehicle Truck
Weight 970 lbs / 440 kg
Wing Cylinders 1.5 in. x 1.1 in. x 12.75 in. (4 cm x 3 cm x 32 cm)


SL2 Sight System Kit

Product Number: MSC09644

$30.00 MSRP

EXT SmartTouch2 Controller

Product Number: STB19143

$360.00 MSRP

BOSS Rotating LED Beacon

Product Number: MSC25039

$214.00 MSRP

Straight Blade Emergency Parts Kit

Product Number: STB16187

$420.00 MSRP

Pedestal Mount SmartTouch2 Kit

Product Number: MSC09658

$154.00 MSRP

SmartTouch2 Control Dash Mount Kit

Product Number: MSC09660

$71.00 MSRP

13 Pin connector Plug Lock

Product Number: MSC16185

$21.00 MSRP


EXT Cutting Edge Main Blade

Product Number: STB19280-03

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EXT Urethane Cutting Edge Passenger Side/Right Hand

Product Number: MSC19271

$197.45 MSRP

EXT Urethane Cutting Edge Driver Side/Left Hand

Product Number: MSC19276

$197.45 MSRP

Driver Side EXT Wing Assembly

Product Number: STB27585-01

Where to Buy

Passenger Side EXT Wing Assembly

Product Number: STB27600-01

Where to Buy

EXT Curb Guard Hardware Kit

Product Number: HDW19136

$12.12 MSRP

EXT Cutting Edge Hardware Kit

Product Number: HDW19137

$36.47 MSRP

Plastic Slider Bushing, EXT

Product Number: MSC19265

$30.53 MSRP

EXT Bushing Retainer

Product Number: STB19266-01

$7.16 MSRP

Cast Iron Plow Shoe w/ Hardware

Product Number: MSC01570

$64.34 MSRP
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BOSS Red Spray Paint

Product Number: MSC04098

$30.00 MSRP

BOSS Black Spray Paint

Product Number: MSC04036

$30.00 MSRP

Red Paint, Liquid, Quart

Product Number: MSC04358

$77.44 MSRP

SmartTouch2 Handle Kit

Product Number: MSC09613

$32.97 MSRP

SmartTouch2 Straight Blade Control Pad Housing Kit

Product Number: STB09646

$35.00 MSRP

SmartTouch2 Controller Cord

Product Number: MSC09615

$69.60 MSRP

SmartTouch2 Control Pad, EXT

Product Number: MSC19204

$43.06 MSRP

SmartTouch2 On / Off Switch

Product Number: MSC09916

$18.10 MSRP

Expansion Module, EXT/D-Force

Product Number: MSC19145

$200.53 MSRP

EXT Eye Bolt Kit

Product Number: HDW19139

$28.87 MSRP

90-deg Swivel Fitting, 3/8MOR x 1/4FPS

Product Number: HYD01620

$7.00 MSRP

Hydraulic Hose, 3/8 x 73-1/2, 1/4 MP x 1/4 MP

Product Number: HYD19115

$59.54 MSRP

Hydraulic Hose, 3/8 x 59-1/2, 1/4MP x 1/4MP

Product Number: HYD19116

$52.40 MSRP

2" x 12" UHMW Adhesive-Backed Plastic Strip

Product Number: MSC19202

$7.62 MSRP

Shock Mount Bracket

Product Number: STB03014-03

$7.49 MSRP

EXT Quad Attachment Bar Weldment

Product Number: STB19125-03

$414.35 MSRP

EXT Trip Cam

Product Number: STB19257-01

$16.00 MSRP

EXT Curb Guard Driver Side

Product Number: STB19295-03

$90.77 MSRP

EXT Curb Guard Passenger Side

Product Number: STB19290-03

$90.77 MSRP

Fastener Kit Headlight Mounting SL2 & SL3

Product Number: HDW11114

$9.50 MSRP

Light Bar Assembly RT3, SL2/SL3

Product Number: LBA11111

$134.70 MSRP

Lightbar Round Cap

Product Number: MSC09058

$2.38 MSRP

SL3 Headlight, Driver Side

Product Number: MSC16201

$519.11 MSRP

SL3 Headlight, Passenger Side

Product Number: MSC16202

$519.11 MSRP

Power Unit Solenoid Kit

Product Number: HYD01633

$46.71 MSRP
Where to Buy

Battery Cable 24"

Product Number: MSC03414

$29.61 MSRP

1-1/4" Rubber Grommet

Product Number: MSC03456

$1.96 MSRP

Pivot Pin Kit, RT3

Product Number: MSC04251

$22.29 MSRP

Coupler Spring Pin Kit, SmartHitch2

Product Number: MSC04675

$47.15 MSRP

Coupler Spring Release Lever Kit, SmartHitch2

Product Number: MSC04676

$23.79 MSRP

Coupler Tower Latch Kit, SmartHitch2

Product Number: MSC04687

$9.47 MSRP
Where to Buy

SmartHitch Torsion Spring Kit (QTY 2)

Product Number: MSC05076

$17.97 MSRP

Valve, Cartridge, Lift/Angle SAE#8

Product Number: HYD01637

$104.96 MSRP

Coil, SAE #8, 12 Volt

Product Number: HYD01638

$37.91 MSRP

Cartridge Relief Valve for HYD7019, HYD7090, HYD709

Product Number: HYD07027

$142.01 MSRP

Valve, Cartridge, SmartHitch

Product Number: HYD07047

$94.27 MSRP

Flow Restrict/Low Profile Valve

Product Number: HYD07048

$56.47 MSRP

Solenoid Valve Coil Nut (HYD01637, HYD07029)

Product Number: HYD07059

$6.30 MSRP

Solenoid Valve Coil Nut (HYD07047) with Tag

Product Number: HYD07060

$7.18 MSRP

Valve, Cartridge, Angle, SAE#10

Product Number: HYD07100

$242.41 MSRP

Orifice, .50 OD x .050 ID, One Per Wing - XT/DXT

Product Number: HYD07110

$14.50 MSRP

Hydraulic Adapter

Product Number: HYD19109

$6.30 MSRP

RT3 Straight-Blade, Valve Assembly, EXT

Product Number: HYD19112

$2,119.61 MSRP

Extension Wing Valve, EXT

Product Number: HYD19132

$141.85 MSRP

Raise/Check Valve, EXT

Product Number: HYD19133

$127.47 MSRP

Relief Valve, EXT Wing

Product Number: HYD19134

$80.86 MSRP

Hydraulic Manifold Ground Harness, V-Plow

Product Number: MSC08850

$21.53 MSRP

Manifold Ground Harness, EXT Blade

Product Number: MSC19129

$6.90 MSRP

HPU Breather Cap

Product Number: HYD01636

$31.96 MSRP

Power Unit Seal Kit (Haldex)

Product Number: HYD01670

$123.60 MSRP

Shaft Adapter Coupling for Barnes Power Unit

Product Number: HYD01671

$21.09 MSRP

Power Unit, Complete, 2 QT Reservoir and Plug

Product Number: HYD01710

$803.25 MSRP

Drain Plug Magnet

Product Number: HYD01712

$9.00 MSRP

Reservoir, 2 QT

Product Number: HYD04814

$190.00 MSRP
Where to Buy

Motor Kit 12V

Product Number: HYD09328

$372.45 MSRP
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Hydraulic Pump Elbow Fill Cap Kit

Product Number: MSC05078

$12.36 MSRP

Hydraulic Cover RT3 EXT

Product Number: CPA19113

$44.07 MSRP

Coupler Cover Thumb Screw Kit

Product Number: MSC05077

$5.93 MSRP

5/8" x 4" Grade 5 Bolt

Product Number: HDW01706

$2.71 MSRP

Hydraulic Hose 3/8" x 34", 3/8MP x 1/4MP

Product Number: HYD01810

$36.75 MSRP

Hydraulic Hose, 3/8 x 40,3/8 MP x 1/4 MP

Product Number: HYD19121

$43.06 MSRP

Kickstand Kit, RT3

Product Number: MSC03807

$30.90 MSRP

Kickstand, Straight-Blade

Product Number: STB03220

$41.45 MSRP

Straight Blade Pushframe, 2001+

Product Number: STB04190-03

$381.49 MSRP

Hydraulic Hose 1/4" x 15-1/2", 1/4MP x 1/4MP

Product Number: HYD01695

$19.47 MSRP

Hydraulic Hose 1/4" x 18", 3/8MOR x 1/4MP

Product Number: HYD09922

$29.17 MSRP

Trip/ Return Spring 14 1/2"

Product Number: MSC01509

$34.18 MSRP

13 Pin Pigtail Connector - Plow Side

Product Number: MSC04754

$73.17 MSRP
Where to Buy

13 Pin Pigtail Connector - Vehicle Side

Product Number: MSC04753

$73.17 MSRP

Blade Guide Kit (2) Guides w/ Hardware

Product Number: MSC01870

$32.24 MSRP


Product Number: HYD01688X001

$166.45 MSRP
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Hydraulic Fluid 1 Case of 12 Quarts

Product Number: HYD01704X001

$149.79 MSRP
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Product Number: HYD19031

$233.81 MSRP