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SR Scout

Product Number: SNR24200

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Introducing the BOSS SR Scout – the ultimate choice for both newcomers and seasoned sidewalk snow removal professionals alike. With its sleek design and compact 34" width, the SR Scout effortlessly navigates through narrow pathways and intricate entryways, clearing snow with unparalleled precision. Powered by a robust 429cc Kohler engine and equipped with a 4' fully hydraulic straight blade featuring float and D-force technology, the SR Scout maximizes lift height, effortlessly clearing obstacles and stacking snow with ease. Engineered with optimal ergonomics, it provides a comfortable working environment for extended operation. Ready to tackle any snow-clearing challenge, the SR Scout stands as the ultimate solution, combining reliability, performance, and ease of use in one compact package. Whether you're just starting out or looking to enhance your fleet, the SR Scout is the perfect entry-level machine or a valuable addition to any lineup.
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Snowrator Family Comparison

Snowrator Family Comparison

Unsure which sidewalk warrior is right for you? The Scout vs. Snowrator vs. SR Mag comparison sheet will help you decide which sidewalk solution is designed with YOU in mind.

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Unmatched Stacking Power

Unmatched Stacking Power

High-lifting plow and superior ground clearance for effortless snow stacking and obstacle navigation
Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic Design

Best-in-class ergonomic design ensures long-lasting comfort when Restoring Order.
Easy-to-Use Controls

Easy-to-Use Controls

Traction controls designed for responsive and agile maneuvering, ensures user-friendly operation.
Optimized Size

Optimized Size

Sleek and compact 34" width design enables maneuverability in tight spaces.
Four-Wheel Drive With Zero Turn Radius Capabilities

Four-Wheel Drive With Zero Turn Radius Capabilities

Zero turn radius capabilities provide ample maneuverability and four-wheel drive traction allows you to power through during any condition.
BOSS-Designed 4’ Hydraulic Snowplow

BOSS-Designed 4’ Hydraulic Snowplow

The 4' hydraulic BOSS-Designed snowplow is built with poly skin to improve reliability and maximize productivity in light and heavy snow.
BOSS Hydraulic Cylinders & Trip Springs

BOSS Hydraulic Cylinders & Trip Springs

Maximizes performance when obstacles are encountered to protect the plow and machine from damage.
BOSS-Engineered Electrical System

BOSS-Engineered Electrical System

Delivering enhanced weather resistant performance, BOSS-Engineered Electrical Systems will perform during any condition.
Float and Active Down Force

Float and Active Down Force

BOSS Downforce Improves scraping performance of plowing surfaces while back dragging by maintaining a consistent hydraulic downward force.
3 LED Worklights

3 LED Worklights

Three strategically placed work lights provide better, more reliable visibility to your Snowrator or SR Mag.
Reversible Cutting Edge

Reversible Cutting Edge

Reversible cutting edges flip to give you two sides of wear, so you can continue Restoring Order when nature calls.
BOSS 500 HR Chrome Plated Cylinders

BOSS 500 HR Chrome Plated Cylinders

Made to last, our 500-hour rated chromium-plated angle cylinders replace other, less effective applications. Delivering advanced corrosion protection so you can continue Restoring Order for years to come.

Specifications SR Scout
12-Volt Charging Port No
Approach Angle 33.5 deg
Available Attachments 4 ft. Straight Blade
Bucket Mount
Battery Cold Cranking Amps 350 amps
Break-Over Angle 54 deg
Charging System 18 Amps
Chassis Mild Steel
Cooling System Air Cooled
Cup Holder No
Departure Angle 22 deg
Down Pressure Angle 5 deg
Electric Start Yes
Electronic Throttle Body No
Engine Displacement (cc) 429 cc
Engine Manufacturer Kohler
Engine Type Carb
Foldable Operator Platform Yes w/ Latch
Front Lights 2 Standard
Fuel Gasoline
Fuel Capacity 1.85 gal. / 7.0 L / 7.4 Qt.
Ground Clearance 5.25 in / 13.34 cm
Height 48 in / 121.92 cm to top of plow control lever (tallest point)
High-Flow Hydraulics No
High-Flow Hydraulics (QDC) No
Keyed Power Yes
Length 73.5 in. / 186.69 cm Platform Down, 65.5 in. / 166.37 cm Platform Up
Lift Height Angle 32 deg
Low-Flow Circuits 2
Low-Flow Hydraulics (QDC) No
Lumens Per Light 1200
Lumens Total 3600
On-Board Diagnostics Yes
Operator Warming Functionality Yes
Rear Lights 1 Standard
Removable Attachments No
Speed Forward 6 mph
Speed Reverse 6 mph
Tires 18" x 8.5" x 10"
Turning Radius Zero Turn
Type Skid Steer
Warranty 2-Year Limited
Weight 800 lbs / 362.9 kg
Wheelbase 24.5 in / 62.2 cm
Width 34 in / 86.36 cm


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