Tax Policy

ShopBOSS complies with the U.S. tax code within each state. Therefore, all ShopBOSS purchases will be charged applicable state and local taxes. An estimate of the tax will appear when you check out. Actual sales tax will be calculated based on the ship-to address and the sales tax rate in effect at the time of shipping, therefore the amount on your credit card or bank statement may differ slightly.

NOTE: Tax-Exempt status DOES NOT apply to ShopBOSS orders. You have two options for tax-exemption: See your local Boss dealer or place order online and file the proper paperwork with your local government officials for reimbursement.

*Many states charge tax on shipping charges as well as on the products themselves. Below are lists of the states that do and do not charge tax on shipping. 

States that SHIPPING charges ARE taxed:

Arkansas Kentucky New York Tennessee
Connecticut Michigan North Carolina Texas
Florida Minnesota North Dakota Vermont
Georgia Mississippi Ohio Washington
Hawaii Missouri Pennsylvania West Virginia
Illinois Nebraska Rhode Island Wisconsin
Indiana New Jersey South Carolina  
Kansas New Mexico South Dakota  


States that SHIPPING charges ARE NOT taxed:

Alabama District of Columbia Massachusetts Utah
Alaska Idaho Montana Virginia
Arizona Iowa Nevada Wyoming
California Louisiana New Hampshire  
Colorado Maine Oklahoma  
Delaware Maryland Oregon