Exact Path 2.5

Product Number: DPS21250

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When winter strikes, it demands speed and efficiency to keep busy sidewalks and walkways clean. The BOSS Exact Path 2.5 and 6.0 cubic feet drop spreaders do just that. The Exact Path is another solution from BOSS built to efficiently perform in locations where constant foot traffic, tight areas and obstacles are all part of the job. The Exact Path drops deicing material along a precise path while protecting grass or landscaping. Put your UTV, tractor or compact vehicle to work and battle ice with BOSS.

Product Features

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8-Position Adjustable Feed Gate

8-Position Adjustable Feed Gate

Allows you to adjust the material discharge amount for extra flow control.
Stainless Steel Hopper and Frame Construction

Stainless Steel Hopper and Frame Construction

Are made to outlast the elements.
Solid Poly Hopper Cover With Flexible Draw Latch

Solid Poly Hopper Cover With Flexible Draw Latch

Protects against weather and is made to last.
SS Top Screen

Stainless Steel Top Screen With Bag Splitter

Easily opens bags and filters deicing material.
Enclosed 12-Volt Electric High-Torque Motor

Enclosed 12-Volt Electric High-Torque Motor

Weather-and dust-resistant to ensure performance, durability and reliability.
Variable Speed Control

Variable Speed Control

Comes Standard on all Exact Path© spreaders.


Selecting deicing material can be complex and varies widely. Explore the different types of spreader materials suitable for your equipment.

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Specifications Exact Path 2.5 Exact Path 6.0
Capacity cubid ft 2.5 / cubic m .07 cubic ft 6 / cubic m .169
Controller Single Stage Variable Speed Single Stage Variable Speed
Cover Standard Hard Poly Standard Hard Poly
Drum Guard / Bed Shield Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Empty Weight 140 lbs / 63.5 kg 160 lbs / 72.57 kg
Feed Baffle Polyurethane Polyurethane
Feed Drum Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Feed Gate 8-Way Adjustable 8-Way Adjustable
Feed Mechanism Drum Drum
Frame Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Full Weight 365 lbs / 165.56 kg 700 lbs / 317.51 kg
Hopper Length 12.125 in / 30.79 cm 16 in / 40.64 cm
Hopper Width 39.38 in / 100.01 cm 39.38 in / 100.01 cm
Motor 12 Volt 12 Volt
Spreader Overall Height 21.75 in / 55.24 cm (With Cover Installed) 29.75 in / 75.57 cm (With Cover Installed)
Spreader Overall Length 13.625 in / 34.6 cm 16.5 in / 41.91 cm
Spreader Overall Width 47.38 in / 120.33 cm 47.38 in / 120.33 cm
Spreading Width 40 in (101.6 cm) 40 in (101.6 cm)
Top Screen Standard, with Bag Opener Standard, with Bag Opener


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Drop Spreader Controller

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