Drag Pro 180Z

Product Number: RPL24516

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Product Details

Get your rear in gear with a DRAG PRO 180Z- the most versatile rear-mounted system available, with multiple blade positions and the ability to plow forward and in reverse. The DRAG PRO 180Z mounts from the rear using a universal fifth-wheel rail system and a receiver hitch, allowing you to pull snow from the back while clearing large areas like commercial parking lots. Rotating wings allow the operator to adjust quickly to various plowing situations, surface areas and job types. With advanced stability from the two-point attachment system the operator can freely plow forward, in reverse and in the Z-position.

Specifications Drag Pro 180Z 8'-16' Drag Pro 8' Or 8'-12' Drag Pro
Blade Size 8 ft. - 16 ft. 8 ft. - 16 ft. 8 ft. - 12 ft.
D-Force Standard Standard Standard
Plow Type Rear Plows Rear Plows Rear Plows
Truck Applications 3/4 & 1 Ton 3/4 & 1 Ton 3/4 & 1 Ton
Vehicle Truck Truck Truck
Weight 1,450 lbs w/hitch system / 657.7 kg 890 lbs / 404 kg 790 lbs / 358 kg