8' Or 8'-12' Drag Pro

Product Number: RPL21612

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The new BOSS DRAG PRO™ brings all of the power and productivity of BOSS plows to the back of your truck. It mounts from the rear to pull snow from the back. Back in, drop the plow, pull forward, and start saving time and money. Expand the hydraulic folding wings to tackle more snow with each pass, all with a standard 3/4-ton truck. The down force of the plow helps the DRAG PRO scrape more cleanly and efficiently than traditional plows, especially in wet snow. Pair with a BOSS v-plow, straight-blade plow or EXT plow for the ultimate expanding plow rig and a huge boost in productivity built to BACK YOU UP.

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BOSS 500 HR Chrome Plated Cylinders

BOSS 500 HR Chrome Plated Cylinders

Made to last, our 500-hour rated chromium-plated angle cylinders replace other, less effective applications. Delivering advanced corrosion protection so you can continue Restoring Order for years to come.

Specifications Drag Pro 180Z 8'-16' Drag Pro 8' Or 8'-12' Drag Pro
Blade Size 8 ft. - 16 ft. 8 ft. - 16 ft. 8 ft. - 12 ft.
D-Force Standard Standard Standard
Plow Type Rear Plows Rear Plows Rear Plows
Truck Applications 3/4 & 1 Ton 3/4 & 1 Ton 3/4 & 1 Ton
Vehicle Truck Truck Truck
Weight 1,450 lbs w/hitch system / 657.7 kg 890 lbs / 404 kg 790 lbs / 358 kg


Tail Light Kit - Drag Pro/Drag Pro 180Z

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Work Light Kit - Drag Pro/Drag Pro 180Z

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BOSS Rotating LED Beacon

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Drag Pro & Drag Pro 180Z SmartTouch2 Controller

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Product Number: RPL20029

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Power Unit Solenoid Kit

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Motor Kit 12V

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Valve, Cartridge, Lift/Angle SAE#8

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Valve, Cartridge, SmartHitch

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SmartHitch Torsion Spring Kit (QTY 2)

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Blade Guide Kit (2) Guides w/ Hardware

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Hydraulic Fluid 1 Case of 12 Quarts

Product Number: HYD01704X001

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