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Genesis Brine Buddy

Product Number: LIQ28813

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Product Details

Introducing the Genesis Brine Buddy! This brine maker is designed for those looking to begin their journey with liquid de-icing. With this unit, you can produce up to 1000 gallons of brine almost anywhere, as long as you have an outlet or a generator.
  • Elevate Your Liquid IQ - Discover the science behind liquid deicing, how it can positively impact your business, and the ways to incorporate it into your fleet.

Product Features

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Elevate Your Liquid IQ

Elevate Your Liquid IQ

Snow and ice contractors are making the switch to liquid deicing. Learn how using liquids can be a more effective solution for snow and ice control while also reducing costs for your business today.

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Built In Bluetooth Salinity Indicator

Built In Bluetooth Salinity Indicator

Determining when a batch is ready to be pumped into your storage or truck tanks is a breeze with our system. Gone are the days of dipping into the tank and relying on a hydrometer to assess the brine. This system provides a clear and straightforward visual indication on your smart device, making it easy to determine the readiness of the batch.
Manifold System

Manifold System

Our system is equipped with a manifold system that offers seamless versatility for your liquid management needs. These connections and valves allow you to effortlessly load, draw, and transfer from various sources, including storage tanks, additive tanks, and water storage tanks. The intuitive design of the connections and valves enables smooth operation and enhances the flexibility of your liquid management process.
Air Purge

Air Purge

Our air purge system allows compressed air to effectively clear the loading hose of the product before disconnecting it from the sprayer. This feature minimizes product waste and helps maintain a cleaner environment for the equipment and the surrounding floor area. By removing any remaining product in the hose, the compressed air ensures that the maximum amount of liquid is efficiently transferred to the intended destination.
Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

The sprayer features a durable stainless-steel construction that brings numerous advantages. The stainless-steel material's corrosion and rust resistance ensures long-lasting performance even in harsh conditions. It is also easy to clean, preventing residue buildup and maintaining hygiene. The sprayer's stainless steel design guarantees durability, efficiency, and cleanliness.
Water Hose Fill

Water Hose Fill

The water hose fill port is equipped with a float valve that automatically stops the water flow when it reaches total capacity. This eliminates the need for constant monitoring and prevents overfilling. The float valve acts as a reliable safeguard, ensuring efficient and worry-free filling without risk of overflow or water waste.

Specifications Genesis 110E Genesis 305E Genesis 500E Genesis Sidewalk Slayer Genesis PBE Genesis Brine Buddy Genesis Push Pal
Battery N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Battery Included
Boom Type 48 in Single Lane Boom Single Lane Boom Single Lane Boom N/A Single Lane Boom N/A 11 in Boom
Capacity gal 110 / l 416 gal 305 / l 1155 gal 500 / l 1893 gal 200 / l 757 N/A gal 280-300 / l 1060-1136 gal 5 / l 18.2
Construction Powdercoat Mild Steel Powdercoat Mild Steel Powdercoat Mild Steel Powdercoat Mild Steel Powdercoat Mild Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Fuel Electric Electric Electric Electric Electric Electric Electric
Height 44 in / 111.76 cm 43 in / 109.22 cm 50 in / 127 cm 41 in / 104.14 cm 46 in / 116.84 cm 41 in / 104.14 cm 49 in / 124.46 cm
Hose Reel 50 ft (15 m) Rewind 50 ft (15 m) Rewind 50 ft (15 m) Rewind 50 ft (15 m) Rewind 50 ft (15 m) Rewind N/A N/A
Length 50 in / 127 cm 74 in / 188 cm 102 in / 259 cm 72 in / 183 cm 25 in / 63.5 cm 76 in / 193 cm 17 in / 43 cm
Lights N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Pump 12V Diaphragm 12V Diaphragm 12V Diaphragm 12V Diaphragm 12V Diaphragm 110V Centrifugal
Salinity Reader N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Standard
Weight Empty 290 lbs / 132 kg 633 lbs / 287 kg 853 lbs / 387 kg 502 lbs / 228 kg 314 lbs / 142 kg 300 lbs / 136 kg 65 lbs / 29.5 kg
Weight Full 1,454 lbs / 660 kg 3,774 lbs / 1,712 kg 6,003 lbs / 2,723 kg 2,562 lbs / 1,162 kg N/A 3,100 lbs / 1,406 kg 115 lbs / 52 kg
Width 48 in / 121.92 cm 61 in / 154.94 cm 60 in / 152.40 cm 46 in / 116.84 cm 46 in / 116.84 cm 42 in / 106.68 cm 21 in / 53.34 cm