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You can be at your best when Mother Nature is at her worst with the powerful BH Box Plows from BOSS. They attach quickly and easy to backhoes, and they work efficiently to help you restore order to the lots and roads of your community.
  • Exclusive Self-Adjusting Box Wings automatically adjust to the contour of the pavement and eliminate scoop angle adjustments.
  • Segmented Trip-Edge Design is engineered so each base angle segment trips individually.
  • Heavy-Duty Trip Springs are torture-tested on the toughest proving ground there is.
  • Exclusive Support Struts pivot for structural strength, stability and long-term reliability.


SmartShield MORE INFO

High-Efficiency Moldboard

High-Efficiency Moldboard MORE INFO

Universal Fork Mount

Universal Fork Mount MORE INFO

Segmented Trip-Edge

Segmented Trip-Edge MORE INFO

Heavy-Duty Trip Springs

Heavy-Duty Trip Springs MORE INFO

Exclusive Support Struts

Exclusive Support Struts MORE INFO

Self-Adjusting Box Wings

Self-Adjusting Box Wings MORE INFO

AR450 Wing Shoes

AR450 Wing Shoes MORE INFO

2-Year Limited Warranty

2-Year Limited Warranty MORE INFO
Specifications BH 12'0"
Width 12' (366 cm)
Weight 2000 lb (907 kg)
Base Angle ½" x 6" (1 cm x 15 cm)
Cutting Edge ½" x 8" x 35 ⅞" (1 cm x 20 cm x 91 cm)
Trip Design Trip-Edge
Vertical Supports 12 vertical ribs
Horizontal Supports 5 upper pans, 7 lower pans
Vertical Hitch Float Automatic - 8" (20 cm) vertical
Wing Shoes (Material) AR 450


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BH 12'

Our 2nd year with the pushers. 5 in fleet, work great!

Would you buy another BOSS: Yes

Jim — Owego, New York

BH 12'

As I have stated in a few posts on, the BX12 has saved us tons of time and salt while doing large parking lots. We had ZERO issues with it so far. We have put it through its paces in the first year we owned it. Erie PA is one of if not the worst place for a variety of winter weather and we put it through everything from frozen snow to super wet snow at it and it still performed as stated. Thanks for such a great product and reasonable price!

Would you buy another BOSS: Yes

Brian — Erie, Pennsylvania

BH 12'

Hands down best pushers on the market. Scrapes right down to the pavement and do not have to resend a truck over to clean up again. Cuts down on salt and saves tons of hours. The BX8 and the BX12 are the best investments I have ever made. I am having a little problem with the right slide sticking on the BX12 when piling the snow. When you go to put the pusher back on the ground, the boxes gets bound up and it leans to one side.

Would you buy another BOSS: Yes

Travis — Ludington, Michigan