WBX Walk Behind Spreaders

WBX 80

Product Number: WBS28080

Available WBX Walk Behind Spreaders:

$660.00 MSRP

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Conquer sidewalks with a BOSS Walk-Behind Spreader. Simply and efficiently spread up to 80 lbs. of material with the professional-grade BOSS Walk-Behind Spreaders. Side and front adjustable baffles, weather cover and grate are included. It's another way the innovations at BOSS are built to BACK YOU UP.

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Selecting deicing material can be complex and varies widely. Explore the different types of spreader materials suitable for your equipment.

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Specifications WBX 80 WBX 100
Capacity lb 80 / kg 36.28 lb 100 / kg 45.35


WBX80 & WBX100 Hardware Kit

Product Number: HDW28074

$99.70 MSRP

WBX Drivetrain Assembly

Product Number: WBS28065

$162.37 MSRP

WBX Lower Handle Assembly

Product Number: WBS28070

$152.64 MSRP

WBX Hopper Cover

Product Number: WBS28073

$62.13 MSRP

WBX Salt Deflector Kit

Product Number: WBS28075

$90.87 MSRP

WBX Frame Assembly

Product Number: WBS28090

$245.09 MSRP

WBX Wheel

Product Number: WBS28095

$87.67 MSRP

WBX 80 Upper Handle Assembly

Product Number: WBS28060

$185.10 MSRP

WBX80 Control Pack

Product Number: WBS28076

$77.94 MSRP

WBX High Output Insert Tray

Product Number: WBS28077

$100.97 MSRP

WBX80 Hopper

Product Number: WBS28079

$169.68 MSRP