SR MAG 48" Snow Thrower

Product Number: STX24410

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When it comes to moving snow, the SR MAG’s new snow thrower STX48 delivers. A system designed to process more snow even faster, the snow thrower features a 2500 psi motor that produces 750 rpms and 14.5 horsepower ­— moving snow between two and 35 feet. Designed with the BOSS trusted float system and D-Force as standard features for all attachments, the vehicle side hydraulics make operating attachments easy.
  • Snowrator Builder - Outfit your Snowrator or SR Mag the way you need to take on winters worst.

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Build your Sidewalk Vehicle with the Snowrator Builder at your price today! The Snowrator builder allows you to choose through an arsenal of implements, attachments, and accessories you'll need to make your job easier.

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Specifications SR MAG 48" Snow Thrower
Auger Diameter 14 in / 35.6 cm
Chute Deflector Hyrdraulic
Chute Rotation Hydraulic, 210 Degrees
Height 47 in (119.3 cm) to 51 in (129.5 cm) (Depends On Tilt Position)
Impeller (Fan) Diameter 18" ( 45.7 cm)
Overall Width, Straight 48 in. (121.9 cm)
Shear Pins/Bolts Not Required, Hydraulic Relief Valve Protection
Snow Cut Depth 26" (66 cm)
Throwing Distance 2 - 40 ft (0.6m - 12.2m)
Weight, Created For Shipping 450 lbs / 204 kg
Working Width, Straight 48 in. (121.9 cm)


STX48 Cutting Edge Kit With Hardware

Product Number: 143-5142

$193.73 MSRP

STX48 Shoe Kit With Hardware

Product Number: 143-5135

$200.80 MSRP

Cleanout Stick

Product Number: 110-3408

$13.79 MSRP

Hex Flange (HF) Nut

Product Number: 32128-23

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Flange Nut

Product Number: 130-6655

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Nut Hf Ni Gr Assembly with Org

Product Number: 139-2430

$0.49 MSRP

Carriage Screw

Product Number: 3230-23

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Carriage Screw

Product Number: 3233-4

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Carriage Screw

Product Number: 3231-28

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Hex Head Flange (HHF) Nut

Product Number: 131-0703

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Plug Grommet

Product Number: 136-5444

$3.71 MSRP

Bearing Flange 2 Bolt

Product Number: 107-7851

$56.35 MSRP


Product Number: 100-4749

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Product Number: MSC23073

$2.80 MSRP
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STX48 Chute Base Cover

Product Number: 143-2737

$72.69 MSRP

Hydraulic Coupler ORB-8F X QDC-8F

Product Number: 143-3688

$36.77 MSRP

Hydraulic Motor

Product Number: 143-3208

$414.79 MSRP
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STX48 Impeller Plate

Product Number: 143-2627-03

$30.63 MSRP
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50 CC Hydraulic Motor

Product Number: 143-2907

$868.84 MSRP
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Right Hand GS-48 Auger

Product Number: 140-5410-03

$273.07 MSRP

Auger Shaft

Product Number: 143-3116

$91.94 MSRP

STX48 Angle Hose Bundle

Product Number: 143-2509

$188.20 MSRP

Chute Assembly With Decals

Product Number: 143-2628

$259.58 MSRP
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Left Hand 48 Inch GrandStand Auger

Product Number: 140-5420-03

$273.07 MSRP
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STX48 Tilt Hose Bundle

Product Number: 143-2508

$211.99 MSRP

Impeller STX48

Product Number: 143-2630-03

$221.27 MSRP

Chain 56 Links

Product Number: 143-2765

$18.14 MSRP

Auger Warning Decal

Product Number: 139-8896

Where to Buy

Hydraulic Motor

Product Number: 143-3194

$363.42 MSRP

STX48 Decal

Product Number: 143-2575

$20.80 MSRP
Where to Buy

STX48 Chute Tilt

Product Number: 143-3186-03

$80.00 MSRP
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24T Sprocket

Product Number: 143-2958

$16.50 MSRP
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Impeller Warning Decal

Product Number: 144-1299

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Decal - Removed Cover

Product Number: MSC27245

$2.70 MSRP
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STX48 Attachment Mount

Product Number: 143-2763-03

$162.93 MSRP
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Product Number: 143-3689

$58.75 MSRP

STX48 HI-Flow Hose Bundle

Product Number: 143-2515

$366.66 MSRP
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STX48 Chute Clamp Plate

Product Number: 143-2915-03

$22.18 MSRP

Warning Decal

Product Number: 139-8895

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STX48 Chute Top Cover

Product Number: 143-2740

$56.95 MSRP

STX48 Chain Cover

Product Number: 143-3118-03

$44.00 MSRP
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Motor Mount

Product Number: 143-3203-03

$37.06 MSRP
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