BOSS now offers urethane cutting edges to cover a wide range of straight-blade and V-plow models. Ranging from 7' all the way up to 10', the edges offer optimum scraping performance. The V-plow cutting edges feature built-in curb guards and a patented snow catcher. *Urethane edges cannot be used with Wing Extension Kits.

7'6" XT Driver's Side
7'6" XT Passenger's Side
8'2" XT Driver's Side
8'2" XT Passenger's Side
9'2" XT Driver's Side
9'2" XT Passenger's Side
10'0" DXT Driver's Side
10'0" DXT Passenger's Side
  • High-Performance Featuring built-in curb guards and snow catcher, our patented V-plow cutting edge is made of Hardox┬« that delivers extended wear resistance compared to conventional cutting edges.