Pre Wet Kit

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Product Number: MSC20100

Product Details

BOSS' first entrant into the liquid category, the pre-wet system allows contractors to pre-wet solid de-icing material as they are distributed. Activates de-icing material allowing the material to melt snow and ice at lower temperatures. This system does not retrofit existing spreader systems. Mounting bracket included.


Pre-Wet Hose Kit

Product Number: MSC20138

$329.11 MSRP


Product Number: MSC20207

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1/2 NPT x 1/2 NPT Poly Ball Valve

Product Number: MSC20187

$76.91 MSRP

Dump Hose Assembly, Liquid Ice Control

Product Number: MSC20149

$73.26 MSRP

Pre-Wet Hose, 1/2" ID - 96" Long

Product Number: MSC20144

$72.94 MSRP

5/16" x 1" Stainless Steel Grade 18-8 Screw Lag

Product Number: HDW18316

$1.04 MSRP

Pre-Wet Hose, 1/2" ID - 48" Long

Product Number: MSC20145

$39.28 MSRP

Pre-Wet Quickedge, .125"-3.75"

Product Number: MSC20147

$3.07 MSRP

Filter Screen Gasket, Liquid Ice Control

Product Number: MSC20121

$11.12 MSRP

Filter Screen, 50 Mesh Screen

Product Number: MSC20120

$26.92 MSRP

Filter Screen Bowl, Liquid Ice Control

Product Number: MSC20119

$41.18 MSRP

Pre-Wet Hose, 1/2" ID - 4.5" Long

Product Number: MSC20188

$11.22 MSRP

18+ VBX PreWet Ready Control Kit

Product Number: VBS14001C

$1,081.06 MSRP

Pre-Wet Capable Controller

Product Number: MSC17990

$821.37 MSRP


Product Number: MSC18270

$538.53 MSRP