SR MAG 48" Broom

Product Number: BRX25175

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The SR MAG BRX48 broom attachment powers through snow making quick work of sidewalks and doorways. The 48” broom with long-lasting bristles works in forward or reverse and can be used to clean doorways and entrances with ease. It’s optimized for lighter weight, balance, and wear resistance, so you can handle the job in any season. Designed with the BOSS trusted float system and D-Force as standard features for all attachments, the vehicle side hydraulics make operating attachments easy.
  • Snowrator Builder - Outfit your Snowrator or SR Mag the way you need to take on winters worst.

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Snowrator Builder

Build your Sidewalk Vehicle with the Snowrator Builder at your price today! The Snowrator builder allows you to choose through an arsenal of implements, attachments, and accessories you'll need to make your job easier.

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BOSS 500 HR Chrome Plated Cylinders

BOSS 500 HR Chrome Plated Cylinders

Made to last, our 500-hour rated chromium-plated angle cylinders replace other, less effective applications. Delivering advanced corrosion protection so you can continue Restoring Order for years to come.

Specifications SR MAG 48" Broom
Caster Wheels 2, Adjustble Height
Overall Width, @ 22.5 Degree Angle 54.25 in. (137.8 cm)
Overall Width, Straight 53.25 in. (135.3 cm)
Weight, Created For Shipping 376 lbs / 170.6 kg
Working Width, @ 22.5 Degree Angle 40 in. (101.6 cm)
Working Width, Straight 48 in. (121.9 cm)


BRX48 Full Bristle Kit

Product Number: 143-3685

$937.30 MSRP
Where to Buy

SR MAG Broom Caster Assembly

Product Number: 143-3660

$230.31 MSRP

BRX48 Driver Side Kickstand

Product Number: 143-3658-03

$46.79 MSRP

BRX48 Passenger Side Kickstand

Product Number: 143-3659-03

$46.79 MSRP

Hydraulic Motor

Product Number: 143-5990

Where to Buy

Retaining Ring

Product Number: 32151-29

Where to Buy

6 MJIC - 6 MORB, 45 Degree (86011)

Product Number: 353-212

$22.03 MSRP

Carriage Screw

Product Number: 3231-22

Where to Buy

Carriage Screw

Product Number: 3233-4

Where to Buy

Nut-Hf Lock

Product Number: 32128-21

Where to Buy

Lock Nut

Product Number: 99-5107

Where to Buy


Product Number: 283-71

$2.45 MSRP

Carriage Screw

Product Number: 3233-2

Where to Buy

Thrust Washer

Product Number: 137-0787

Where to Buy

Decal - Chain Adjustment

Product Number: 136-4146

$10.27 MSRP

Chain Sprocket

Product Number: 136-1216

$111.67 MSRP
Where to Buy

Plug Grommet

Product Number: 136-5444

$3.95 MSRP

Broom Wafer

Product Number: 132-9440

$32.61 MSRP

Hybrid Cone Bristle

Product Number: 136-8359

$36.05 MSRP

Decal - Tension Indicator

Product Number: 137-3959

$10.99 MSRP

1/2"-13 x 3" Grade 5 Bolt

Product Number: HDW06330

$1.82 MSRP

5/8" x 4-1/2" Grade 5 Bolt

Product Number: HDW01705

$3.32 MSRP

Hex Bearing

Product Number: 137-0741

$60.13 MSRP

1/2" x 4 1/2" Grade 5 Bolt

Product Number: HDW01778

$3.32 MSRP

1/4" x 3/4" Grade 5 Bolt

Product Number: HDW01751

$1.03 MSRP

Roller Chain

Product Number: 133-8736

$51.48 MSRP

Chain Sprocket

Product Number: 136-1217

$128.84 MSRP
Where to Buy

1.06" x 1.75" x .25" Flat Washer

Product Number: HDW02089

$2.58 MSRP

90-deg Fitting, 6-MORB x 6-M37JIC

Product Number: HYD13925

$9.88 MSRP

CYLINDER-RAM [1.63X4.5X1.38]

Product Number: HYD13956

$278.58 MSRP
Where to Buy

5/8"-11 Nylok Insert Nut

Product Number: HDW05619

$1.03 MSRP

90 Degree Fitting

Product Number: 353-426

$26.52 MSRP

1/2"-13 Nylok Insert Nut

Product Number: HDW01748

$1.03 MSRP

1/2" F436 Hard Washer

Product Number: HDW01729

$1.03 MSRP

Castor Spacer

Product Number: 93-1167

Where to Buy

1/2" x 3 1/2" Grade 5 Bolt

Product Number: HDW01779

$1.15 MSRP

1-1/2" Long Shoe Spacer

Product Number: MSC01813-03

$9.70 MSRP

NUT,CAGE,1/4-20,ST/ST 18-8

Product Number: HDW17176

$4.19 MSRP

Hose Bundle 1/4" X 68"

Product Number: 143-3541

$170.00 MSRP

Straight Fitting ORB-6F X QDC-6F

Product Number: 143-3537

$136.99 MSRP

Straight Fitting ORB-6F X QDC-6M

Product Number: 143-3536

$52.53 MSRP

BRX48 Passenger Side Frame Assembly

Product Number: 143-3669

$184.32 MSRP
Where to Buy

BRX48 Push Frame

Product Number: 143-3650-03

$241.47 MSRP

BRX48 Side Sheet

Product Number: 143-3634-03

$70.36 MSRP


Product Number: 143-0922

$243.75 MSRP

Bristle Retainer Kit

Product Number: 143-3628

$20.09 MSRP

BRX48 Bristle Mount

Product Number: 143-3445-03

$257.66 MSRP

BRX48 Front Chain Case Cover

Product Number: 143-3426-03

$33.30 MSRP
Where to Buy

BRX48 Push frame Wear Pad

Product Number: 143-3629

$7.96 MSRP

BRX48 Motor Mount Plate

Product Number: 143-3428-03

$28.77 MSRP
Where to Buy

BRX48 Caster Wheel

Product Number: 143-3675

$51.00 MSRP
Where to Buy

Split Washer

Product Number: HDW02018

Where to Buy

BRX48 Broom Hood

Product Number: 143-3631-03

$278.51 MSRP

Decal - Removed Cover

Product Number: MSC27245

$4.00 MSRP
Where to Buy

BRX48 Driver Side Frame Assembly

Product Number: 143-3667

$184.32 MSRP
Where to Buy

BRX48 Hex Shaft

Product Number: 143-3463

$212.17 MSRP


Product Number: 353-379

$7.76 MSRP

BRX48 Bristle Cap

Product Number: 143-3429-03

$10.21 MSRP
Where to Buy

BRX48 Decal

Product Number: 143-3617

$16.69 MSRP

Bushing 1" ID 1.125" OD

Product Number: 143-3677

$20.20 MSRP


Product Number: 143-3645-03

$413.82 MSRP
Where to Buy