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  • What number should I call for Snowrator Technical Support?
    • Please call 800-286-4155. Select #2 for Technical Support.

  • What number should I call for a Snowrator Warranty Claim?
    • Please call a Servicing and Parts Snowrator location. See the list of Servicing and Parts Snowrator locations here.

  • Will my original warranty be honored?
    • Yes, the 1-year warranty that came standard as part of the LT Rich Snowrator vehicle will continue to be honored.


  • Where can I buy parts for my Snowrator Vehicles?
    • Snowrator parts are available at Snowrator Dealers, Servicing and Parts Snowrator locations or directly from BOSS at the link here.

  • Who do I contact for Snowrator Sales Information this season?
    • Contact BOSS Snowplow to be directed to a retail Snowrator dealer at 800-286-4155 option #1.

  • Will all BOSS dealers be selling Snowrators and Snowrator Parts this winter?
    • No. For this season a limited number of BOSS dealers will be servicing and selling Snowrator vehicles and parts. Find a Snowrator Dealer or Servicing and Parts location here.

  • Will Snowrators be available through SiteOne retail locations this season?
    • Yes

  • Is the Snowrator going to be discontinued?
    • No – there are no plans to discontinue the Snowrator.

  • Will Snowrator be available in custom colors for this season?
    • No – Snowrator is only available in orange this season.

  • Can I become a Snowrator dealer?
    • Not at this time, however, more information regarding this will be coming soon!

  • Where can I find more information online about Snowrator?