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BOSS' first entrant into the liquid category, the pre-wet system allows contractors to pre-wet solid de-icing material as they are distributed. This system does not retrofit existing spreader systems. Mounting bracket included.

Pre-Wet System MSC20100
Forge and Pre-2017 VBX Model Control Kit (VBS15150, VBS15160, VBS14200, VBS14210, VBS15300, VBS15310) MSC17890
  • Available accessory for all new VBX and FORGE spreaders. (Excludes VBX3000.)
  • Equipped with 60-gallon tank.
  • Reduces material usage and bounce and improves spreading efficiency.
  • Activates de-icing material allowing the material to melt snow and ice at lower temperatures.

    Please reference the accessories manual for further details on this product.