Giving Mission: To beautify/ restore the land and ensure safety.

Each year we strive to partner with a local non-profit group to fulfill our giving mission. We partner with one non-profit and provide financial and volunteer support. Non-profits receive $5,000 and support from BOSS volunteers to perform work on the selected project. Non-profits are encouraged to apply for this opportunity. Applications open January 1 and close March 8, 2019. See qualifications below. 

Must be a 501(c)(3), a unit of government or a school with a valid nonprofit tax I.D. number. 
Project must be located within 30 miles of the BOSS facility.
Project should be complete by October 31 of the year funds are granted.
Project must produce tangible outcomes.
Preference is given to projects that have a volunteer component in which BOSS employees can participate. 

Funding for selected project is guaranteed at least $5,000. Additional funds may be available based on employee participation. 

The project should be focused on the below:
-Beautification of grounds and outdoor recreation, specifically park areas and greenspaces. 
-Tangible/visible results creating healthy and sustainable outdoor environments. 

It is the responsibility of the non-profit to plan and execute the project. BOSS works in partnership with the nonprofit. 

If your project is chosen, BOSS commits to providing $5,000 in grant money and volunteers to perform jobs on the project work day.

You are unable to save the information and continue the application at a later date. Ensure you have the following information ready to go before beginning:

Organization Tax I.D. Number
Project main contact information
Project description and outline
Project budget 
Project goals 
Financial stakeholders
Pertinent project documents that can be uploaded

Do you have a project that fits our giving mission? 

Past Projects

Lake antoine Park Partners

After the devastating storm in June of 2015, Lake Antoine Park suffered substantial amount of damage to the area with high winds taking down over 200 trees. Over the past few years, improvements have been made to the quality of the park. Community members have been working hard to create a better environment for the upcoming generations to enjoy. This rehabilitation has been a long and tedious journey. In 2018, BOSS Snowplow partnered with the Lake Antoine Park Partners providing funds and manpower for a community volunteer day in which employees and community members worked hand in hand to plant trees, install a tot lot, improve the entrance and install a new sign. The Toro Foundation also provided financial support through a volunteer grant. 

Friends of Niagara Memorial Park Project

In 2017, BOSS Snowplow partnered with the Friends of Niagara Memorial Park Project to improve the state of the Niagara Memorial Park. BOSS Snowplow provided funds and manpower to assist in the build and installation of the playground equipment. The Toro Foundation also supported the project with a volunteer grant.  

Kiwanis 25 Location park

The first of the BOSS Snowplow community projects occurred in 2016 in partnership with the Kiwanis Club of Iron Mountain-Kingsford. The Kiwanis Club had a plan and vision to restore the 25 Location Park. Fundraisers had taken place and the group had gained momentum in the community. BOSS Snowplow joined forces and provided financial support and manpower for the community volunteer day in which the playground equipment was installed, and several landscape improvements were made.