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Ideal for moving your plow around in the garage or service bay, these caster wheels utilize existing shoe holders on the blade and make moving the plow a breeze. Separate kits are available for Straight-Blades and V-plows. Excludes Trip-Edge straight-blade, 10' DXT and Heavy-Duty straight-blade plows.

Caster Kit, Straight-Blade MSC09215
Caster Kit, DXT MSC01141
Caster Kit, V-plow (Includes XT) MSC09216
Caster Kit, HTX (Covers 7', 7'6") MSC09249
Caster Kit, HTX-V MSC09235
  • Plow Dolly Wheels These heavy duty wheels feature steel ball bearings for smooth movement and long-lasting life.

    Please reference the accessories manual for further details on these products.