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Available Sizes Poly 7'0" 7'6"


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  • SmartLight 2 -- Projects light wider, farther and more consistently than any other light on the market.

    SmartTouch 2 -- More than just right- or left-handed compatible, SmartTouch 2 offers additional mounting options for ease-of-use.

    SmartShield -- Only BOSS treats every plow with our exclusive SmartShield finish to deliver durable corrosion protection and a long-lasting, high-gloss shine.

  • SmartHitch 2 -- Designed to be simple and easy to use.

  • Super-Slick Poly Surface -- You'll notice how easy it is to push snow with the super-slick poly surface, and you'll save gas and wear and tear on your truck.

  • Full Moldboard Trip Design -- The entire blade trips forward when obstacles are encountered to protect the truck and plow from damage.

  • Heavy-Duty Push Frame and Quadrant -- designed for additional strength and durability.

  • Enclosed High-Performance Hydraulic System -- delivers speed and reliability and is protected from the elements to prevent corrosion and hydraulic freeze-up.

  • Chainless Hydraulic Cylinder Lifting System -- virtually eliminates snowplow "bounce" associated with transporting a plow.

  • Reinforced Moldboard -- Diagonal cross-bracing and formed bottom channel increase blade rigidity.

  • Eliminate the 13-Pin Connector -- The Next Generation Electrical System eliminates the 13-pin connector from the front of the vehicle for a cleaner look, easier attachment and better reliability. (Optional)

  • Pistol Grip Controller -- Available with the Next Generation Electrical System, the ergonomic Pistol Grip Controller can be used to operate both straight & V-plows.

  • 2-Year Limited Warranty -- covers both parts and labor for two full years.

    • 5/5 Stars
    Stephen -- Gurnee, IL
    This is the strongest and most reliable snow equipment I have ever owned.


    • 5/5 Stars
    Dennis -- Catawba, WI
    This plow is well built and operates smoothly. You are able to mount this plow to the truck with ease. About 5min to either put on or take off. Am pleased with this product.

    Yes -- Just the ease in which the plow can be mounted, is worth the price of the plow itself.

    • 4/5 Stars
    Wayne -- Magnolia, DE
    Would like a set of curb guides added.

    Yes -- Easy to work on and no break downs.

    • 4/5 Stars
    Gary -- Kalamazoo, MI
    Overall very pleased with my Sport Duty plow. Hook-up is not quite as easy as claimed; the plow must be in absolute perfect position for pins to snap into place. If it's off by just a smidgen, it's try again. The 13 pin connector can be touchy to align and push together, especially in very cold weather. The hydraulics are not as fast (especially raising the plow off the ground) as claimed; you have to raise earlier than expected to stack snow piles because it takes a moment longer than expected to raise the plow. I wish it had an automatic "float" option so I don't have to double click the button or hold it down to put plow into float every single time. These things just take some getting used to. Overall, very happy with purchase.

    Maybe -- I've had 6 different snow plows over the years. This is my first Boss. I would consider another Boss but I can't say 100% that Boss would be my first choice for my next purchase.

    • 5/5 Stars
    John -- Granville, MA
    Plow & mount by far was the easiest to install. Also Smart hitch 2 on and off vehicle quicker. Engineering to be first RATE!


    • 5/5 Stars
    Rick -- Poughkeepsie, NY
    Terrific plow, smooth working perfect.


    • 5/5 Stars
    Jamie -- Newark, DE
    Can't beet it dose awesome job and makes my days go smooth!!!

    Yes -- Out performs all others.

    • 5/5 Stars
    Jim -- Owego, NY
    Never any problems!

    Yes -- Best plow around!!!

    • 5/5 Stars
    John -- Cheektowaga, NY
    Just purchased this plow a month and a half ago and when I used it it performed excellent with no problems. Very proud to be driving around with the Boss badge on the front of my truck.

    Yes -- It's simple, there is none better!!

    • 5/5 Stars
    Gary -- Portage, MI

    Yes -- Much happier with The Boss than any of the other plows I've owned previously. Plus, my local dealer, Extreme Power Equipment in Kalamazoo, MI is awesome. I also like The Boss owner's group and owner's group website. You guys are way ahead of your competition.

    • 5/5 Stars
    Stephen -- Waukegan, IL
    I have been using my Sport Duty for about five years; I moved it from one truck to another. It is hands-down the best, most effective, most reliable, and strongest snowplow I have ever owned. I also receive exceptional support from my local Boss dealer, Master Truck and Trailer of Wadsworth.

    Yes -- The product is of exceptional quality, durability, and reliability.

    • 5/5 Stars
    Albert -- Derby, CT
    Plow is extremely light fast moving and strong built.

    Yes -- After looking at multiple brands I believe by far that Boss is number one in design, build, and customer service.

    • 5/5 Stars
    Ron -- Frankfort, NY
    Does what I need it to do and higher than most smaller plows.


    • 5/5 Stars
    Claude -- Foster City, MI
    I have only had it a few weeks. It has made my home parking area plowing easy. The quick connection is really appreciated.

    Yes -- I know the owners and have toured the factory. The owners are sincere in there goal to make the best and I saw the manufacturing process that proved it to me.

    • 5/5 Stars
    Andre -- Brookfield, WI
    Very durable 5 years old never a break down pays to buy the very best - never down time due to Boss issues.

    Yes -- Past history - very durable no break downs all your products are worth every penny.

    • 5/5 Stars
    Albert -- Derby, CT
    Light weight fast and built strong.

    Yes -- I believe what makes a good company is customer service. And my experience with Boss customer service us outstanding.

    • 4/5 Stars
    Wayne -- Komoka, ON
    Plow functions as expected and designed. Perfect for light to medium duty snow control.

    Yes -- First year using a Boss plow. If it continues to perform to the level it has to date I will purchase more Boss plows. Mounting and unmounting the low is easy and quick. Transportation is simply with no chain up required and next to zero road bounce.

    • 5/5 Stars
    Ron -- Frankfort, NY
    Good Plow,Never had a problem with it


    Download 7'0" Sport-Duty Poly 7'6" Sport-Duty Poly
    Blade Width (Straight) 84" (213 cm) 90" (229 cm)
    Plowing Width @ 30° Angle 73" (185 cm) 78" (198 cm)
    Blade Height 26" (66 cm) 26" (66 cm)
    Blade Thickness 1/4" (.6 cm) Poly 1/4" (.6 cm) Poly
    Cutting Edge 1/4" x 6" (.6 cm x 15 cm) 3/8" x 6" (1 cm x 15 cm)
    Reinforcement Ribs 4 vertical, 2 diagonal 6 vertical, 2 diagonal
    Plow Shoes Optional Optional
    Trip Springs 2 2
    Angle Cylinders 1 1/2" x 6 1/2" (4 cm x 17 cm) 1 1/2" x 6 1/2" (4 cm x 17 cm)
    Lift Cylinder 1 3/4" x 1 1/8" x 10" (5 cm x 3 cm x 25 cm) 1 3/4" x 1 1/8" x 10" (5 cm x 3 cm x 25 cm)
    Shock Absorber N/A N/A
    Attachment System SmartHitch 2 SmartHitch 2
    Plow Weight* 372 lb (169 kg) 421 lb (191 kg)
    Plow Lights SmartLight 2 SmartLight 2

    *Plow weight does not include vehicle mount weight. Vehicle mount weight range: 45-75 lb (20-34 kg).

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