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Northern Star Industries, Inc. acquired THE BOSS SNOWPLOW in 1985 and quickly became an industry leader and innovator. At THE BOSS, designing and building products to make your job and life easier is our ultimate goal. For over 25 years, we've been listening to you, the snow removal professional, to build the products and services you want and bring them to market. It all starts here in Iron Mountain, MI, in the land of brutal, cold winters, we know what it takes to build products that work in the worst conditions. We know what you go through. So we're working harder than ever to deliver the toughest, more reliable plows and spreaders for you. We're here to back you up.

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Company Innovations

SmartHitch®--changing forever the standard in snowplow attachment time, SmartHitch allows snowplow operators to attach and detach a plow in a matter of seconds in three very simple steps. SmartHitch represents the latest in breakthrough technology for snowplow mounting systems.

Power-V Multiposition Plow--synonymous with THE BOSS, the Power-V Plow, introduced and perfected by the company more than two decades ago, is the industry standard for multiposition snowplows.

SmartLight™--It's no secret that visibility is a major concern when plowing or transporting a snowplow. That's why SmartLight2 illuminates wider, farther and more consistently than any other plow light on the market today. Our state-of-the-art reflector optics and Dual Bulb Illumination provide a more consistent light pattern not found in competitor light packages. And when you have a long night of plowing ahead of you, Halogen InfraRed (HIR) bulbs provide a whiter light that's less fatiguing to the eyes.

SmartShield®--Setting the standard in the industry for paint finishes, THE BOSS SmartShield baked-on powder-coat paint finish begins with an exclusive zinc primer. The zinc primer adheres to the metal better providing superior corrosion resistance and gives each plow a high gloss shine that keeps your plow looking great for years to come.

Company Products

THE BOSS Snowplow line consists of four main categories including:

  • Power-V Multiposition Plows for 1/2 through 2-ton trucks.
  • Straight-Blade Plows for downsized 4x4s, 1/2 through 2-ton trucks and SUVs.
  • Straight-Blade Snowplows for Skid Steers.
  • Hopper & Tailgate Spreaders for snow and ice management.
  • Snow plows for UTVs & ATVs.
  • Box Plows for backhoe class tractors.

Company Innovation Timeline

  • 1985 - Introduced multiposition plow and Rapid-Tach® - the first quick hitch system in the industry
  • 1988 - Introduced high-performance hydraulics
  • 1995 - Introduced the first multiposition joystick control
  • 1998 - Introduced revolutionary SmartHitch® Attachment System
  • 1999 - Introduced first poly multiposition plow in the industry
  • 2001 - Introduced SmartLight™, SmartTouch® & SmartHitch2®
  • 2004 - Introduced the tailgate salt spreader
  • 2004 - Introduced SmartShield® paint system with exclusive zinc primer
  • 2005 - Introduced SmartTouch2® handheld control
  • 2005 - Introduced high-performance Power-V cutting edge
  • 2006 - Introduced RT3™ mount for tailgate spreaders
  • 2007 - Introduced steel XT line of plows
  • 2007 - Introduced snow plow for UTV
  • 2008 - Introduced SmartLight2™
  • 2009 - Introduced Poly Power-V XT plow
  • 2009 - Introduced TGS 800 tailgate spreader
  • 2010 - Introduced BX-12 box plow
  • 2010 - Introduced full lineup of UTV plows
  • 2012 - Introduced dual-trip Power-V DXT plow and B-8 & B-10 box plows
  • 2013 - Introduced a full-line of DXT plows, ATV plows and VBX hopper spreader


THE BOSS Snowplow is designed and manufactured in Michigan's Upper Peninsula where winter and deep snow are a way of life. All of THE BOSS Snowplow products are designed, manufactured and put to the ultimate test at the company's ISO 9001:2008 registered facility.

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ISO 9001:2008